Staff Bio:

Remus has been flying simulators for almost four decades, beginning with the original Microsoft Flight Simulator until now, finding his greatest passion in military sims, DCS being the pinnacle of a lifelong obsession with military aviation.

A graphics artist by trade, he takes care of the majority of USLANTCOM's artwork, website, and the creative direction of our campaigns and Wing operations in general.

Before becoming a Senior Staff member, Remus was CO of VF-41, a legacy F-14 squadron. He then stood up our A-10, AV-8b, and AH-64 Squadrons.

His hobbies are numerous outside of flying sims. He is an avid fisherman, musician, writer, woodworker, and enjoys a hundred other expensive hobbies on top of these.

He lives on the Oregon Coast with his amazing wife Alison, and their adorable dog Teddy.

Join date:
June 27, 2019
Primary Airframe:

N. "Remus" Williams